5 Types Of People You Should Surround Yourself During A Career Change

It has been proven over and over again that who you surround yourself with matters.  The people and environment around us impacts how we think, act and who we become.

If you’re in the midst of a career change or considering a career switch then it might be time for you to assess who you have around you and what types of people you need to set you up for success.

We believe everyone needs to build a tribe and from our experience we’ve narrowed down the 5 types of people you should surround yourself with for a career change.  

We call it the 5C’s, or 5 key circles of influence and impact.  


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A cheerleader is someone who’s going to encourage you and keep your spirit high in times of transition.  Everybody needs a cheerleader in life because we will have our low moments.

Career Shifters and Successful Career Shifters:

Having a community around you is always helpful in every aspect of your life and even more so when you’re moving through a career change.  By surrounding yourself with a community of others going through a similar stage of life, facing similar fears or challenges really helps you to know that you are not alone!

This is one of the reasons we set up our free support group of career shifters so that we create a safe space for people to share, be vulnerable and help one another through transition.  You also want to ensure you hear successful career shifters stories. Hearing or connecting with other people who have gone through a successful career change helps you to know that it is possible. Stories on how others have made the transition allows you to gain insight into ways that could assist you.

Change Agents:  

Change agents are similar to cheerleaders but these might be individuals within your network that are more open to change.  Think of change agents as those who embrace change and enable you to see the positive in these moments of change. Change agents could be others who have transitioned careers more than once, entrepreneurs who are more open to risk or the unknown and perhaps thrive more with change in their life.  

Counsellors / Coaches:  

Investing in yourself is essential yet we tend to undervalue the importance of investing in ourselves, especially when times are tough. Sometimes we even think that working with a coach or counsellor is seen as a weakness or that we are not good enough, able to cope with things or manage things on our own.  

This is not the case. It’s extremely powerful having someone that you can work with consistently that is an outsider, that can see things in a different light but that also keeps you accountable and provides the right support or even an actionable step by step plan.  Try finding a coach or counsellor that can provide guidance, confidence, clarity and practical steps to help you achieve your goal or vision. This is not a once and done thing.

Both of us have worked with various coaches or counsellors for different needs but remember what you put in is what you get out.  It’s not something you can simply be a passive participant. You need to be an active and action oriented participant. Change is a process and requires patience.


We need challengers in our life because not everything is roses and peaches!  Challengers exist to be the devil's advocate sometimes but really they are there to challenge our thinking, challenge our beliefs, challenge our behaviours and push us outside of our comfort zone. Challengers could also be coaches or counsellors or being part of a community that makes you strive to be a better person.

Moving through change is tough on our own and by building your tribe and your 5Cs you’ll have support no matter what.  Surrounding yourselves with anyone or all of the 5C’s will provide you with a diverse group of people that allow you to thrive and embrace the change instead of cause more stress or anxiety!

If you want more support in building your tribe jump in to our popular signature online course Confidently Create Your Bold Career Move. You can start immediately and work through it at your own pace!