So you have NO experience in the industry or area you’d like to move into? Don’t fret...we’ve got you covered...

This question is one of the top 3 questions we get asked by all the career shifters and career transitioners we meet or are in touch with in our community.  

We’re finally going to give it a shot -- although we want to emphasise that it can vary with each situation. To get more of a personalised solution you can head over here.

First things first….if you’re looking to get a new career with no experience then it’s important to take stock of your skills, particularly your TRANSFERRABLE SKILLS, which we’re going to focus on in this article.  

Identifying your transferable skills is one of the must do’s in the general job-seeking process but is even more crucial when shifting or transitioning into a career you may have little or no experience in.

So what are transferrable skills?

  • They are usually skills that can be transferred from one job / career to another.

  • Skills, aptitude or knowledge acquired through various life and work experiences that can be used in/for future job opportunities.

  • Sometimes they are soft skills

  • Skills that are usually job or industry agnostic

How to take stock of your transferrable skills:

  1. Write all the skills you have experience in

  2. Circle all the skills that you like to do and that are most rewarding for you

  3. Then narrow down further to review which of those skills you are great at, good at, or just ok at.

  4. Once you’ve done all of the above steps start cross-referencing or listing which ones are necessary for the type of job / industry you would like to go into or could help you in your future career path.

Some examples of transferrable skills to get you started...

Care-giving skills

Interpersonal skills

Research skills

Decision Making

Negotiation skills

Organisational skills



Public speaking

Motivating others


Conflict resolution skills



  • What transferrable skills do you have that complement your interests, talents and the new direction you’d like to go in?

  • What are your skills that you enjoy doing?

  • What are your skills that you don’t enjoy doing?

  • How are you writing about your skills and talents?

Once you’ve taken stock of your transferrable skills there are two additional steps you need to do:

  1. Create a SKILLS based CV vs an EXPERIENCE based CV

  2. Create your personal story and voice (aka personal brand)

This is just one part of the bigger picture when thinking of a career move.  If you want to go further into your transferrable skills and learn how to build your positioning for a bold career move we suggest joining us for our upcoming Online Course - Confidently Create Your BOLD Career MOVE in 5 weeks.