Career Shifters Success Stories: From Creative Entrepreneur to Talent Acquisition Specialist

Often we hear stories of employees from the corporate world shifting to become an entrepreneur, but Amreen's journey was the opposite.  After 3 years as an entrepreneur, Amreen decided it was time to make the shift into the corporate world of employment.  Mother, creative and passionate about connecting with people, hear how her journey of change started and where she is today...

Can you share a little bit about your situation before you joined Confidently Create Your Bold Career Move?
How you were feeling? What were you doing? What made you want a change?

I was going through a huge transition in my life — I had been running my own business for the past three years when I reached out to you guys. I was struggling to scale the business but at the same time wondering what it would take to go back to fulltime work. I had also recently given birth and that was playing at the back of my mind — what it meant to not have flexible working hours again.


What were your biggest struggles with making a career change?

I was so so so overwhelmed — I had no idea where to start. I had been out of the design industry since 2012 and I grappled with the knowledge that the landscape of “design” had changed significantly. So I was torn between jumping into a very expensive course at GA doing UX/UI just because everyone was looking for digital talent and researching jobs on LinkedIn and feeling like I had no idea what to do or where to start!



How do you feel today?


I feel immense gratitude for having found you guys and the course and for this moment in my life (exactly where I am right now).


What do you love most about what you do today?

I am discovering that I am a people person and in my current role as a talent acquisition specialist I deal with many different kinds of people, talking to diverse number of businesses speaking to hiring managers to understand their paint points and find suitable talent for them.

This role is also like nothing I’ve ever done before. It is extremely performance driven and one needs to be almost meticulously organized and very structured. What I love about my role is having to stretch in a completely different direction — and seeing what is possible when I don’t put limitations on my abilities!


Can you share about your current position?

I'm a Talent acquisition specialist for creative (art and copy) and digital (UX/UI). Part of my KPI is also doing business development and introducing Cogs to new businesses and finally client and candidate management.


How did Confidently Create Your Bold Career Move help you? 

The course helped immensely as it had all the ground work done for me. I just had to stay focused and do the deep digging to really unearth what it is that I wanted to do at this point in my life/career.

  1. I think it helped so much that you guys both had been through transitions in your careers and that you empathized with what I was going through (and hence could understand my pain points). I felt safe and heard.

  2. It helped me to look at my strengths and weaknesses in a constructive way (which eventually led me to go and apply myself in the real world and land myself a job!)

  3. It provided a platform which was safe and inclusive, where I could learn and share with others who were also going through a transitional phase in their lives.


One word to describe the course?



What’s one piece of advice you would share with others who are going through a career transition?

It is mind boggling, unnerving and you need to be so thick skinned and resilient (especially if you’re going to need sponsorships and given the job market right now where most companies are only looking to hire local or PRs) but don’t give up hope. I did it and so can you!

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