Career Shifters Success Stories: From Turmoil to Triumph at She Loves Data

After working 8 years for the same company, Pam decided it was time to leave, take a much needed sabbatical in the hopes of finding her next career direction.  Despite the best intentions of taking time to plan her next career Pam found herself coming back to Singapore without a plan and looked to revive her career.  Today we share Pams' story and how she switched careers.

Can you share a little bit about your situation before you joined Confidently Create Your Bold Career Move?
How you were feeling? What were you doing? What made you want a change?

I joined the course after coming back from a year sabbatical and not sure (at all) what I wanted to do next. Before taking time of I had been in Singapore for about 8 years, working for the same company that brought me here from Holland. I always really enjoyed working there and seemed to role into different opportunities and roles within the company. Until I reach a point where I had been in a role for quite a while and way too comfortable.  
At the same time, my personal life reached some turmoil and I decided not to take the job opportunity for which I had to move to the US and instead ask for a sabbatical so that I could spend some time in Europe with friends and family, travel and decide what I wanted to do next. 

Why did you decide to join the course?

Despite best intentions, there was little plotting my future whilst I was on my sabbatical. So when I came back to Singapore I found myself aimlessly scrolling through Linkedin wondering what I actually wanted to do. A friend of mine recommended me to have a look at the Change School, which I did. I thought your webinars and online videos where great, so when you when the course came up, i decided to sign up and give it a go. 


What were your biggest struggles with making a career and life change?

I had no sense of what was "out there" and the value of my experiences. Having spend 10+ years with the same company I found it hard to imagine what else I could do or would be able to do, having no idea how 'valuable' my experience would be. 


How do you feel today?


Things are falling into place, I'm really enjoying the work I'm doing setting up our non-profit. We are making an impact, and I'm meeting loads of interesting people along the way, whilst setting my own schedule.


What do you love most about what you do today?

That it combines a lot of aspects that I was looking for and enjoy. I have the flexibility to set my own agenda, in terms of time but also what I would like to focus on. I'm meeting loads of interesting new people and with that come new ideas and opportunities! 


Can you share about your current position?

Most of my time goes into running a non-profit called She Loves Data.

We organise workshops that teach women about Data Analytics, Visualisation and Decision-making using data - no prior experience required. We are also building (local) communities around the region where women can come to learn, connect and help each other pursue their career in Data.  

Next to that I'm part-time freelancing focusing on Finance/Business Control; helping SME/start-ups with their accounts, (finance) processes and reporting


How did Confidently Create Your Bold Career Move help you? 

I signed up for the Change School program to finally make myself sit down and REALLY work on what I wanted to do next. The weekly group sessions and worksheets helped to put in place a structure and the weekly interactive sessions with our group were very helpful to hear about others struggles, perspectives and views. 

My main take-aways: 
  • TRUST the process!  - I really believe (now) that if you work on change, or start thinking about new possibilities or opportunities you will create them for yourself. 
  • Values - this for me was a great way to kick-off the course and the foundation for me based upon to decide what's important to me in my caree

One word to describe the course?

Not quite 1, but: "Trust the process"


What's your view on change and how are you navigating the challenges you face with work and life today?

Change is unavoidable and natural in a way, so I'm trying to 'trust the process' and go with it and be more open to see the opportunities it can create.


What tools are you using? Any routines you have that are helping you each day?

I try to go back to the values I defined whenever I'm at a decision-point or not sure what road to take. 


How do you think the program from The Change School impacted your current career trajectory and mindset?

I've been thinking about change and what I wanted to do for quite a while, but the Change school help me provide a structure and tools to help me along on my change journey and find the courage to make the change. 


What’s one piece of advice you would share with others who are going through a career transition?

Change is a very personal thing I believe, but I would certainly recommend find help or support through a course, like-minded people, or just chatting with friends. I always found it very helpful to get someone else's perspective and if you surround yourself with people that also want change, that can only inspire!


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