How To Kickstart Your Bold Career Move

This is something we really want to clarify right off the bat: What exactly do we mean by a Bold Career Move?

Making a career switch is definitely a bold career move, but it’s NOT the only way to be bold in your career.  


At The Change School, being BOLD is a MINDSET and way of BEING and DOING things whether it’s to do with your personal life or your professional career. It’s about…

  • Taking conscious and calculated risks that challenge the status quo and drive you to be more and do more in your life and work.
  • Being bold takes self-confidence because you have to be willing to try things out and make mistakes in order to learn and grow. It will feel uneasy, uncomfortable and uncertain, but being bold is NOT about playing it safe.

  • You need to be brave enough to put yourself out there and to face your fears and doubts with courage.  


Making a career switch is definitely a bold career move, but it’s NOT the only way to be bold in your career.  

  • You have to be bold to move forward in your career - to keep learning, growing, and advancing yourself personally and professionally.
  • You have to be bold to be successful in your career - cos opportunities won’t just fall on your lap. It’s about taking charge of your future and building those blocks everyday.

  • You have to be bold to thrive in your career - that’s why more and more people are talking about personal leadership, cos if you’re not leading yourself, no one else will.  

That’s why all our work at The Change School is about self-empowerment … helping you to have the clarity, confidence and courage to unlock the bold in you.   

  • Everyone and anyone can be bold. It’s a simple matter of choice.

  • Choosing comfort over challenge might feel like a safer bet, but it will also keep you exactly where you are and no one thrives in stagnation.

  • Choosing to be complacent in your career might feel like the easier option, but nothing worth having ever comes easily so the value of your career is yours to define.  

  • Choosing to wait for a perfect moment / opportunity to come your way instead of giving yourself permission to THINK and ACT now is actually the greatest career risk of all. In today’s job market, living and working by default is no longer sufficient for success. So the real question is, how are you building your future today?

Look, we know all of this can feel super overwhelming or intimidating at first. That’s exactly why we’ve designed a 6-week course to help you Confidently Create Your Bold Career Move by

  • Carving the time to cultivate your mind for the bold journey that YOU design

  • Guiding you through bold baby steps to achieving YOUR big bold dream

  • Providing a support group + system to keep YOU striving and thriving all the way

  • Helping you develop an actionable plan to test-drive YOUR ideas with a career “pilot”




  • Before I get into sharing about a career pilot, I want to share 3 career myths that need to be debunked right now because this is going to help you get over your doubts and into action (which is ofcourse what we’ll be talking about next!)...

Myth #1: You need prior relevant experience to change careers > WRONG

  • You already have tremendous value in your personal characteristics, all the life and work experiences you’ve had and learned from, your unique set of transferable skills, and all your natural abilities. You already have everything you need. What most people need is a framework, set of tools and a support network to find and land the opportunities that are suitable and exciting for you.

Myth #2: You should already know what you want to do next > WRONG AGAIN

  • You do not need to have all the answers from the get-go. If it were that easy, we’d all be successful and happy all the time! The only thing you do need is a clear understanding of where your strengths lie, what your interests are, and how you intend to grow in your career. These aren’t trick Q’s… they are meant to make you reflect, think and feel your way to your next direction.

Myth #3: Changing careers means giving up everything you’ve achieved > UMM NO

  • This is the worst. No experience is ever a waste - the good, the bad, the ugly - we learn and grow out of every experience which means we bring that added value into every new one.

  • And just so you know - the series of FREE masterclasses we’re running next week were specifically created to address these 3 career myths I’ve just shared… more on that later...

  • With that out of the way…. Let’s talk CAREER PILOT (the what)

    • It’s a term we’ve borrowed from the Lean Startup method (cos we’re startup geeks) and believe that your career should be treated like a startup. That means…

      • Have an idea (or lots of them)

      • Make a hypothesis like “I could run a medium sized company like a boss!”

      • Then get out there and put your assumption to the test!

The whole point of the Lean Startup method is to avoid startup founders from wasting time, energy and efforts on building a business based on assumptions or taking on financial or other unnecessary risks.

  • The same principles apply to your career. Why would you want to risk making a bold career leap without looking to see what’s possible for your career first?

  • That’s exactly why you need a career pilot. To give yourself time to figure out what works and what doesn’t by trying things out (experimenting) and growing along the way. It’s about gaining new skills and new perspectives as a professional and as a person because if you don’t give yourself room to experiment, you’ll never see your full potential or all the possibilities for your career.

  • This potential is (the) why behind our push for you to be bold, take risks and see your career as one great and thoughtfully designed experiment. Because it is essential for you to be successful. AND you will see yourself grow more confidence, skills and experience as you go.

  • Now that we’ve (hopefully) convinced you of the ‘why’... here are some simple ideas for how you can get started with ‘piloting’ your career…

    And this is for everyone watching right now - not just our aspiring career shifters…

    • Informational Interviews - second-hand insights, information, and contacts

    • Job Shadowing / Interning - experience what a company / org culture is like

    • Independent / Freelance Project - first-hand experience

    • Upskilling - level up or learn a new one

    • Start thinking about your Personal Brand - what accomplishments can you start to share on a bigger platform (public speaking / SlideShare / blogging / guest writing / print or podcast interviews … even your social media posts) …

      How are you sharing knowledge, adding value, and showing up outside of work?



  • Tip #1: Get in the right mindset

    > Focus on possibilities and growth - How can you cultivate a more possibility and growth driven mindset this week?

  • Tip #2: Build on your strengths

    > Bring more awareness to your work this week and think about the tasks or aspects of your role that you think you love / feel passionate about / naturally do best - What would taking your skills and experience to the next level look like?

  • Tip #3: Be strategic in your career pilot design

    > Here’s a little exercise from (book) How To Find A Job, Career and Life You Love by Louis Efron that will help to frame your thinking / planning…

1. List all the jobs you’ve done in your life and mark the ones you enjoyed the most with a star. Then, rank all the jobs you’ve started from most-enjoyed to least-enjoyed and make a few notes about why.

2. Make a list of the jobs you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t had the courage or opportunity to attempt. Next to each job, write down why you haven’t tried them and what’s stopping you from attempting them now.

3. Force-rank each of the jobs you’ve listed from most interesting to least interesting.

4. Think of all the ways you could “pilot” or test your Top Job of interest and develop an action plan and timeline to make it happen.

5. Take notes about what aspects you liked or disliked for each job and whether it’s something you want to try again or cross off your original list.

Once you’ve completed these steps for your top job, work your way down your list to try each possible job and keep a journal as you go to reflect on your experiences.

Don’t be in a hurry to tackle everything at once. Good experiments take time to gather information, analyse the results and continuously make improvements. It will help you to clarify your direction by seeing what fills your cup and makes you happy in your career OR what would make it better.


Tip #4: Create a vision for your bold career that inspires you!

Tip #5: Utilise ALL the resources available to you!

  • Even though we’re always ‘online’ we don’t always maximise its true value…

    • Google to research leading companies / brands related to your jobs of interest  you could job shadow / intern / volunteer your time

    • Job Listings give you insights to companies that are hiring, who they’re looking for, and what you can expect to do in the roles they’re willing to pay for

    • LinkedIn to identify people you want to meet for networking, informational interviews or inspiration / ideas for building your personal brand


We hope tonight’s session has given you some ideas + inspiration for why and how a career pilot can help you take your career to new heights…. And why we’ve designed a 6-week immersive course to help you Confidently Create Your Bold Career Move that culminates in a 60 or 90 day career pilot that is completely aligned to the themes, interests, values and strengths that define your career past, present and future.  


We’ve already shared some steps you can take right away (this week!) to get you started, but we also know that having a process isn’t always enough. If you’re serious about becoming bolder in your career, you’ll also need guidance, support, tools and other bold movers to help you go further on your journey.