How To Overcome Fear Of Losing Status


  • It’s one of the most common concerns we hear from our students + Career Shifters community
  • Social status is an illusion….

  • The need for recognition is driven by ego and vanity

  • When we dig deeper into our own ideas about ‘status’, it’s really a concern about how others see us, what they think, and how they define success




  • Most of us have subscribed to society’s definition of success. It starts as early as school and continues into our adult lives...

  • EDUCATION: In school, we’re taught to strive for the best grades, Ivy League schools, etc

  • WORK: In our careers, we strive for the highest salary, position, job title, or corner office

  • BUSINESS: In the startup world, Facebook and the other 2% of successful startups have disillusioned many entrepreneurs about what it means and takes to be successful in business

  • We’ve been conditioned to celebrate and aspire to a single view and definition of success

  • And we’ve been conditioned to define failure in a certain way

  • At TCS, we believe success is defined by YOU… and the only failure is FAILING to start/try

  • That’s why the fear of ‘losing status’ actually stems from measuring yourself up to other people’s standards rather than defining your own and striving to meet/exceed the goals or dreams you set for yourself.



  • STOP playing it safe. Growth and transformation can only happen when you decide to move beyond your comfort zone

  • PRIORITISE what’s most important to YOU right now. There will always be trade-offs, but that just means that something lost is also something GAINED. So ask yourself: What do you want to gain?

  • REFRAME the challenges you face into opportunities to learn and grow. In this context, success is rising to the challenge and picking yourself up when you fall. Failure is resisting to try.

  • DECIDE who defines your “status”

  • LISTEN to your mental chatter - is it positive or negative?

  • SEEK advice from people who’ve successfully made a career change to see how they’ve overcome similar fears / barriers

  • FOCUS on building a growth-driven mindset and self-confidence because these are the qualities that will lead you to success, not the opinions of others




I’d just like to share an example from one of our alumni of how the fear of losing status can hinder your career ….

I am considering a career change and my fears are - loss of status, financial security, I feel the need to must be qualified in that area. I really find it hard to actually take a leap (from an industry you know well and have a lot of contacts ) to a new growing industry where you have very little contacts (and there are lots of new young people with degrees you have never heard of). I don’t know how to really make this leap.

Here’s what we told this student inside one of our LIVE Q&As during the course…

  • Fear is a great motivator and teacher. We tend to run away from it instead of stepping into it as something we can learn and grow from. It challenges you to move beyond your comfort zone because it is ultimately a CHOICE: challenge or comfort. Only one leads to greatness.

  • Ask yourself: What does STATUS mean to you? How do you define FINANCIAL SECURITY? What does QUALIFIED mean to you? Are your fears FACTS or ASSUMPTIONS? And, WHOSE perceptions are you afraid of? Another good way to challenge your fears is to ask yourself what would happen if your fear came true? What is the worst-case scenario that could arise from the fear? What is the best-case scenario? What factors would make this outcome more likely? How can you maximise each of those factors?

  • Be reframing our fear about external perceptions into internal actions we can take, we transform fear into focus on the things that really matter.

    In this case…

    • To learn to better plan / manage personal finances

    • To develop knowledge, experience and skills in a new area

    • To leverage on your transferable skills (and existing network) in a new role/position

  • Each of these opportunities presents and invitation to take ACTION. They are things within your control because it’s not related to external opinions or perceptions, it’s about what you can DO to achieve an outcome you want.


  • So, what’s the smallest step you can take TODAY to start turning your fears into focus?



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