How To Overcome Fears About Money

Do you struggle with fears about financial security?


I know most of us, if not all, have grappled with this at multiple points in our journey .


So if this is something that resonate with you now - or if it’s something you’ve worked through before, then this episode is for you.

  • False sense of security

    • Money doesn’t secure your happiness, health or wellbeing

    • Your bank balance doesn’t define who you are, and it doesn’t make you better / smarter or more likeable than anyone else (and if it does, you might want to re-assess who you keep in your company!)

    • Financial security doesn’t equal to Job security, and the reality of today’s world of work is that no job is secured for life

    • So where does that leave us with money?

    • Well.. money is important because it gives us freedom. It is a means of achieving the lifestyle we want.

    • Money won’t secure your happiness, health or wellbeing, but what you DO with your money - how you choose to invest in yourself and longer-term goals WILL

  • That brings us to the second reason for money worries… Our tendency to confuse Ends Goals and Means Goals.

    • Money is a tool that allows us to have things, experience things, and invest in things that we value. That’s why money is a Means Goal that everyone shares. Have you ever met someone who doesn’t want money??

    • Ends Goals are the things we actually value - whether it’s to travel the world, own a home, invest in our personal / professional development, or enjoy a life of leisure… those are the dreams and desires that get us out of bed each day. Have you ever woken up in the morning and said to yourself: “Can’t wait to make 1/30th of my monthly salary today!!” ?

    • Mind Valley has a great 12min audio exercise you can find online that will redefine how you think about setting and achieving goals.

    • But for right now, ask yourself: Are you wearing “golden handcuffs”?
      This is a term we recently read in Fobes to describe the financial security, comfort and safety of high-paying, cushy jobs that is unfulfilling in some way or all ways or even downright miserable, but keep us bound to our desks and offices because we become dependent on them or scared to leave or addicted to the various aspects of a fast-paced, high-stress career.

    • If this sounds like you, then stick with us cos today’s episode is going to help you free yourself of those shiny little cuffs so you can take back control of your life + career.

  • The third reason so many of us worry about money is because of our built-in Scarcity Mindset.

    • A scarcity mindset sees limitations instead of opportunities - similar to a Fixed Mindset

    • In this headspace, we fear shortages, insufficiencies, and feel afraid that there will never be enough money, success, or love to go around.

    • Our busy lives and fast-paced career really reinforce this feeling - that we never have enough hours in the day, enough budget, enough salary, enough time with our friends and family.

    • With a scarcity mindset, change feels risky and seems impossible.

    • If you find you are getting less than amazing results in any area of your life, ask yourself: Are my thoughts about this based in fear or a scarcity mentality? If so, then reflect on what you need to do to shift your mindset to abundance.

    • An abundance mindset is the opposite of a scarcity mindset and Sol’s going to talk more about that…



  • 1. Building an abundance mindset is the first and most important step to transforming your money mindset.

    • With an abundance mindset, we believe there is always more – more opportunities, more ideas to try, more places to explore, more ways to grow, more things to fall in love with, and more ways to turn a bad situation into a success.

    • Abundance isn’t your bank balance, a big house or a luxury holiday. Abundance is a feeling that has a direct impact on how you think and how you behave.

    • To build an abundance mindset, start by thinking about what abundance means to you. Does it mean freedom? Does it mean giving? Does it mean indulgence? Knowing what gives you that feeling of abundance will show you how you can create that feeling through small, everyday actions in your life + work.

      For example: hosting friends for a dinner night… giving yourself a half day of pampering over the weekend… spending time alone with a book and glass of wine… going for a walk / drive / ride to anywhere… when we make an effort to do the things that give us a sense of abundance, we’re putting that energy out into the universe and opening ourselves up to even more abundance in all areas of our life

  • 2. Cultivate a healthier and more positive relationship with money. So much of this is tied to what we picked up in our childhood or past.

    • Ask yourself: What are your beliefs about money? Were you brought up to think it is difficult or easy to make money? Is the relationship you have with money right now generally positive or negative? What is the relationship your friends or other family members have with money? How has that influenced your attitude / beliefs?

    • Find some time today to make a list of all your answers and think about how you can release any negative feelings or underlying fears related to money. As we’ve said over the last few weeks, the journey to overcoming your fears is a journey to freedom so decide from today that you’re going to free yourself of money worries and start inviting more abundance into your life.

  • Once you’ve made a start on the steps I’ve just shared, here are 5 more ways to actively transform your money mindset …

    • 3. Change Your Narrative. If you find yourself always saying things like: I’m so broke… Money is so hard to make… I’m always down to my last dollar… Wanting money is bad then it’s time to change your story about money to something more positive, like: I already have everything that I need… I give generously and receive abundantly… Abundance is not a bad thing.. The universe always provides for me.

    • 4. Practice Gratitude. If you look around your life and always see lack, that’s what you’ll always get. But when you shift your perspective to see everything around you as abundant, guess what, that’s exactly what will start to come your way. Instead of looking at your bank balance / weighing scale / wardrobe / social media contacts as insufficient, learn to be grateful for what you already have and start to see it as more than enough.

    • 5. Focus On Possibilities. This is something we always say at The Change School. Because when it comes to dreaming big and being bold, your practical mind is often your worst enemy. Instead of thinking I can’t earn more money from my current job so receiving more is impossible….begin to ask yourself: What would it take for more money to flow to me? How could I get paid for the value I already have?

    • 6. Know Your Worth. This is essential if you want to have an abundant life and fulfilling career. Until you understand who you are and recognise that life is not just about struggling and surviving, you will always hinder yourself from thriving. That’s why when it comes to making bold moves in your career, the only way to be successful in your endeavours is to believe that you deserve to be.

    • 7. Declutter your mind (and life)! When your life is full of distractions, stress, stale energy and things you don’t need, it’s difficult to create the space for abundance to come into your life. Evaluate all the areas of your life and ask yourself: Where can I create space to feel freer, lighter and more open to positive sources of abundance - new people, opportunities, possibilities, or love?

We promise, that if you start to practice the steps we’ve just shared, you will start to see positive changes in your life and stop relying on the false security of your monthly pay stub to feel happy, fulfilled and accomplished.





  • Now for some practical final tips to help you get on top of your financial standing right now - no matter where you currently are in your life / career....

    • 1. Bolster up your savings. No matter how much you’re currently earning, putting aside even a nominal amount of money regularly can go a long way to helping you achieve real financial security. Make a distinction between your short and long term savings, too. Think of your long term savings as an emergency fund and short term savings as a fund for larger investments you want to make - a home, a care, or a course you want to take.  

    • 2. Optimise your spending. We’re not suggesting you become a miser. But if you’re thinking about a career switch, taking a sabbatical, or feeling that you’re always living paycheck to paycheck, it may be time to take a closer look at your habits to see where you can reduce or optimise your spending.

    • 3. Think of creative ways to make more money. Maybe you’re great with languages, kids, pets, or coding. Think of all the skills you’re great at or things you love to do and could get paid for. Consider starting a side-hustle or taking on a freelance project, or finding short contract jobs on sites like Fiverr or Upwork

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