#30daysofchange August - Motivation

Motivation - our August #30daysofchange theme.  We can not achieve our goals without motivation.  Here are 31 tips to help you stay motivated, become more motivated or simply be inspired to do more. 
01 - Unless we know where motivation comes from we can’t begin to understand how to become more motivated.  We suggest watching Dan Pinks TED Talk, The Puzzle of Motivation
02 - Write down the obstacles that may be stopping you from being motivated. From there think of all the possible ways you could overcome them.  Remember nothing is a bad idea or suggestion. If you’re struggling ask for some help from your partner, colleague, friends etc. 
03 - Find a motivation buddy.  You’ve heard of an accountability buddy but now think about a motivation buddy to help you reach your goals.  Maybe some of your friends are also looking at building more motivation in their life, so set up a group that meets up to check-in with each other etc. 
04 - Daily check-ins with yourself either in the morning or in the evening.  It helps to have a daily check-in to see how we’re doing, what worked or what didn’t work for us as we’re trying to achieve our motivation goals.   
05 - Further question yourself to understand what your “motives” are.  If we can’t understand what is driving us to want to be better we will find it difficult to sustain.  Think about your “WHY” for being more motivated or WHY you need more motivation in the certain part of your life. 
06 - Monitor your levels of motivation.  List out all the different parts of your life and put a percentage (0% - 100%, with 100% as most motivated) next to it to highlight how you feel your motivation levels are currently. Think about why you may be feeling un-motivated in certain aspects of your life and take note. 
Next do the same but for your ideal situation.  You can separate your life into health, family, work/career, relationships, finance etc, whatever works for you.
07 - Monitor how you spend your time.  Everyone has their own most optimal time for working yet most of us don’t know when that is, so therefore we end up wasting a lot of our time doing tasks that may not help us achieve our goals and end up de-motivating us.  By monitoring our time we can see where we’re wasting our time or procrastinating and from that start to put out a plan to better use our most creative times of the day.   
08 - Ask yourself regular uplifting questions when you first wake up.  
  • I most ___________about in my life right now?
  • I’m most excited about _________ today?
(Write whatever value you want in the blanks)
09 - Write 3 heroes or people you admire.  Think about their traits and characteristics what do you like about them
10 - Try Yoga.  Although in general being active will help in driving motivation, yoga helps us to have a clearer mind as it works on the mind, body and spirit during classes. 
11 - Make a motivational hour once a week or even try a motivation Day.  Listen to inspirational talks or podcasts, watch videos, read articles and blog posts from different people.  
12 - Make a deal with yourself.  Set yourself one key goal for a day and if you achieve it give yourself a reward. 
13 - Put together a board of quotes and inspirational sayings.  Collect online and either print out and make a collage or create a virtual board.  Take a photo and keep it as your screensaver on your phone or computer, or leave it somewhere that is visible to you everyday. 
14 - Let your inner voice be positive.  I know it’s easier said than done but really each time a negative thought comes out, kick that thought to the curb and think of the positive outcome only.
15 - Continuing from the above tip, you can only think of positive outcomes.  Practice just for one day where you can only say positive things and have positive thoughts and words.  No does not exist in the vocabulary just for a day.  
16 - Spend time with someone who inspires you.
17 - Give yourself some credit.  You’ve achieved a lot in life and all small steps count to where you are today and who you are. So be grateful for where you are in life no matter what negative thoughts come up. 
18 - List out 10 things you are thankful for.
19 - Compete with yourself.  Yes it may seem contradictory to our tip #15 but your best competition is yourself, so challenge yourself. 
20 - Review, refine and/or scrap your goals.  Take a look at your goals you want to achieve in life or work.  Review them carefully and you may even realise you want to scrap some of them as they no longer serve you. 
21 - Spend sometime each week working on a passion of yours, or something you love to do. 
22 - Set aside 15 minutes a day where you do only fun things.  Don’t think too hard but just release yourself from your worries.  Maybe it’s dancing to some Youtube videos, singing your heart out to some cheesy songs.  Anything fun try and do for 15 minutes. 
23 - Believe in yourself.
24 - Find something green - apparently by looking at the colour green we’re more likely to get motivated.  Don’t believe us? Read it here
25 - Get excited - speak to people about your situation, make yourself excited about it.  If you’re not excited about it how will you make your idea happen?
26 - Create a mantra around the part of life you’d like to be more motivated in.  Read it aloud daily.
27 - Understand that motivation isn’t something that we have every day.  Be ok with the fact that motivation comes and goes. 
28 - Think about the benefits of being more motivated.  Instead of thinking of the obstacles, think about why it’s good to do. 
29 - Give yourself daily reminders.  Use post its or your phone, an app etc to give you reminders as to why you’re doing what you’re doing.
30 - Give yourself a break when you’re feeling exhausted or when you’re struggling and come back to it, you’ll feel even more motivated when you start again.
31 - Stick to it, don’t give up.  It all takes time.