#30daysofchange December - Celebration

  1. Identify your small goals - Identifying smaller goals that lead up to your main goal will enable you to celebrate these small goals as they are completed

  2. Find your medium - Some people like to track in journals or notebooks, others like to track online on a blog or on a personal online platform. Find what suits you best to track your progress and successes
  3. Create a memory trigger - Pick a time where you will report back to your medium to record your small wins. Stick to the same time every day to make it a successful habit 
  4. Perspective - When you fail, don’t look at it as a failure, instead turn it into successes. For example, when Thomas Edison, the man who invented the light bulb, failed again and again, he said ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work’.
  5. Realizing reality - The reality is that big goals do not happen overnight, instead, they take hours and months and years of persistence. We tend to focus on the bigger goals rather than the smaller steps we take towards the goals
  6. Appreciation - Lack of appreciation can lead us down to the path of not being able to see the importance of our small successes 
  7. Creating successful habits - Create a habit to reward yourself every time you have made small progress, this way your brain will be ‘addicted to progress’ and therefore will want to carry on to the next steps
  8. Importance of present moment - We take the present moment for granted, but the things we do during the present moment will lead to success. 
  9. Don’t put pressure on yourself - Be relaxed with your time limits and this will increase your happiness and motivation
  10. Mindset - Don’t think of it as climbing a huge mountain and having to get to the top in a day, think of it as stepping on each rock and taking one step at a time to get to the top of the mountain eventually
  11. Positivity - People are more creative and productive when their inner lives are positive, so see the positivity in everything even if things are going wrong. Learn to always look at the positive side of things
  12. Rest and re-energize - Allow yourself to gather your thoughts and re-energize once completing a smaller goal so you have more energy to move onto the next goal
  13. Tracking - Write down 3 things you achieved by the end of the day, this will make you feel more productive and give you motivation instead of making you feel like you did nothing all day
  14. Give yourself time - One type of reward is giving yourself time to do a mundane task you keep putting off
  15. Ensure the reward happens - Do not put off the reward for another time once achieving a goal, if this happens, the reward loses its value
  16. Stop negative self-talk - This work counteractively to celebrating the small successes and achievements 
  17. Weekly reviews - Conduct weekly reviews to realize, reflect and re-focus. This will teach you about your habits and whether they are helpful to your success
  18. To-do list - Reward yourself for checking everything of your to-do list everyday, but make sure to complete those to-do lists!
  19. 3 phrases to complete everyday - Today I made progress in…. I can apply what I learned today to… What worked well today that I can do more of tomorrow…
  20. Share the celebration - Sharing your success with family, friends or coworkers gets them motivated in addition bounces back and becomes your own motivation to see them motivated
  21. Be specific - Be specific with the rewards, and make it something you have wanted to do or have for a long time, that way you will work harder to achieve this goal
  22. Start small - Your smaller goals could start very small such as focus for one hour on studying. Then you could build up these smaller goals to where you want them to be
  23. Remember the big picture - Only so that you do not loose sigh of your path
  24. Momentum - When one small win is celebrated, that momentum can be used to move on towards the next win
  25. Journaling - After completing a small win, recognize what you did to get there, how you did it and why it is important to you
  26. Make adjustments - Make necessary changes along the way as you track your progress â€¨
  27. Accountability partner - Another good strategy is getting a partner who is willing to celebrate small wins as well. As you both do this, you can send each other a record of your tracking and progress weekly, this will keep both of you motivated on working towards the next small win
  28. Enjoy the journey - The journey will be along one, learn to enjoy every step of the way towards the destination
  29. Keep the record honest - Do not find an easy way out to get to your reward, make sure you are honest to yourself in completing meaningful tasks
  30. Revisit your why - Remind yourself often about why you are working towards this specific goal
  31. Nothing is too small to celebrate - Remember, no win is too small. Celebrate anything and everything!