#30daysofchange November - Determination

  1. Focus - Ability to focus all your limited talents onto what is critical at the moment
  2. Endurance - Nothing good comes easy and nothing good comes fast. Build the stamina to constantly be working on your goals
  3. Patience - Patience is the key when seeking success. Practice patience, you will eventually get to achieving your goals if you are constantly working towards them, never get disheartened if success doesn’t come in a short amount of time
  4. Curiosity - Questioning everything and be curious. This will give you the desire to learn and will keep you hungry to learn

  5. Read, read, read - Keep reading, anything and everything. Reading is so beneficial it helps you with: mental stimulation, memory enhancement, stress reduction, vocabulary expansion, etc. Keep your eyes occupied, this does not to just to be reading a book, it could be reading articles online, the newspaper, a set of instruction for a game
  6. Application - Without applying things that you’ve learned, the learning goes to waste. Make changes in your life to apply what you have learnt if you think it will help your productivity and determination

  7. Model of aspiration - Someone to look up to, to motivate you, to keep you on track. Not as someone to compare yourself to, but rather using a role model to inspire you
  8. Checking in - Write up what you do everyday to keep a track of your productivity, therefore when you notice a fall in productivity, you are aware of it and can work on getting your routine of productivity back
  9. Self-awareness - Taking a step back and reflecting on what we are feeling. Being aware of what we are thinking, then taking action after thinking through it. You pause, you reflect, and do what’s best for you 
  10. Meditation - This step is very similar to self-awareness yet instead of reflecting, you give time to your mind to rest. Take 15 minutes out of your day to completely empty and free your mind. This can be done while you are completing other tasks, and is done by just paying attention to your breathing and emptying any thoughts out of your mind
  11. Pushing yourself - At the end of the day you will only listen to yourself and you will be the one taking decisions for yourself. Make it a point to push yourself and become your own motivation
  12. Facing challenges - As you face challenges remember to face them, not turn to an easier solution, rather to learn about the challenge and learn why it is there in the first place. Then you will be able to work out how to eliminate this challenge
  13. Overcoming obstacles - If obstacles come your way, remember it is a part of life and you need to learn from them, do not get disheartened from obstacles that come your way 
  14. Effort - Constant effort is what will bring you closer to your goals
  15. Goal setting - Set personal goals, this gives you something to work towards. Keep these goals small and achievable, and once achieved set a couple of new goals. Achieving these small goals will keep you motivated to keep going forward and achieving new goals and making more progress
  16. Tracking system - With the goal setting there should be a tracking system as well, which tracks the progress you are making through achieving your goals. Keeping a note of your progress will keep you motivated in the long run; therefore when you notice a fall in productivity, you are aware of it and can work on getting your routine of productivity back

  17. Act - You need to take action as soon as you have an idea. Do not overthink to the point where you decide to postpone this idea or to not act upon the idea
  18. Self-confidence - You need to believe that you can reach your goals; this is one of the most important steps in being determined. If you do not believe in yourself then subconsciously your mind will tell you not to work your hardest as your subconscious mind thinks that you will not reach your goals
  19. Tenacity - Persistent determination, to never give up
  20. Know your purpose - Know what you exactly want, know what purpose doing that will give you. Figure out what will bring you happiness and then go and do it
  21. Force yourself - There will be days where you will feel lazy, days where you would not want to be working, everybody has these days. These days will be the most important days for you to force yourself to get out of bed and work on that goal
  22. Build good habits - It is said that when you do something for 66 days, it becomes a habit. Do something that will help you in the long run for 66 days and turn it into a habit 
  23. Avoid distractions - There are plenty of self-control websites and applications that help you avoid distractions, use these to help you stay on track and later learn to avoid these distractions without the help of websites or applications
  24. Aim for progress - Don’t aim for perfection, aim for progress. Perfection is impossible, nothing or nobody is perfect, however, as you aim for progress mainly, you will get closer to perfection
  25. Eliminate negative thinking - Negative thinking can slow down your determination. It is hard to eliminate negative thinking as everyone has negative thoughts sometimes. However, you can learn to push these negative thoughts out of your head as soon as you detect them. Be aware of negative thoughts and you will be able to detect them and push them out of your mind
  26. Make healthy choices - Leading a healthy lifestyle will help in re-energizing your mind and body everyday. It is much easier to work towards your goals when you have good fuel, good sleep and a good amount of exercise
  27. Visualization - Visualize the image of when you reach your goals, this will make it much easier to believe that you can achieve these goals and how you can work towards them
  28. Re-energize - Determination requires break, re-energize by listening to music you love, spending quality time with family, building connections with friends
  29. Plan ahead - Planning creates order, it gives you a logical and organized way of tackling your goals, it also makes your goals look simpler and closer as you take small steps in your plan
  30. Growth mindset - Last but not least, a growth mindset is having the view that basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts; everyone can change and grow through application and experience