Do you wander through life questioning what your purpose is? Or do you know your purpose but have recently been sidetracked on your road to fulfilling your purpose.  If you answered yes to any of those questions perhaps it’s time for you to either reconnect with your WHY or begin to uncover your WHY.  

When we live our lives with more meaning, we not only become more focused on the right things but we are more fulfilled and are more likely to move through any of the challenges that are thrown our way.  We must never underestimate how important finding your WHY is.  

So how does one go about finding your inner compass, that inner calling -- to live a more purpose-driven life?


We’d like to share 5 ways that can you uncover your inner compass:

  1. Take time to review what your most important values are. Once you’ve reviewed your values, take time to define what each of them mean to you.  Really break it down.

  2. Ask yourself (and list) what makes you come alive.  When you are most alive -- how do you feel, what emotions do you feel.  Take note. Reflect and list all the possible ways you can maintain that feeling of aliveness.

  3. Look back at your past, starting with your childhood and up until your most recent experiences.  Are there common threads that have popped up that you may have missed simply because we are always so busy.

  4. Complete this sentence….”If I had nothing to fear in life, I would……”

  5. Quieten your mind and learn how to listen to your inner gut feel.

Make a commitment to focus more on the WHY in your life instead of the HOW in your life as once you find your WHY the HOW will become much easier.  


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