Are you contemplating a career move but unsure whether you’re ready?

In our line of work we hear this often and there isn’t a one size fits all answer.  Making the move is a major life decision.   To help you in the decision making process we want to share some key signs that may shed some light on whether or not you are ready for a career move...

I’m feeling undervalued
You’re putting in the effort, producing great work yet still not being recognised for your hard work.  This might be a sign for you to move to a different organisation, or if you’re not quite ready to move, then perhaps it’s an opportunity for you to talk to your boss and be open about how you’re feeling.  There could be an opportunity for you to move into another role in your organisation. 

I’m bored
If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs, checking Facebook or Instagram every minute of the working day because your getting through your tasks faster, or you just don’t have much to do, then it might be a sign for you to look at a new job.  Don’t just stay in the job because it’s easy, ask yourself how satisfied you are in your current position.  

I’m feeling under challenged
Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current job description or you’ve been in your job for a while and you’ve reached your peak in that role. If that’s how you’re feeling then it might be time for you to move into another position higher up or in another position that will challenge you.  Speak to your boss and see if there are any opportunities for you to either take on a new role, or have the opportunity to level-up with any career advancement programs.  If not then it’s probably time to move on elsewhere.  Career growth is essential and we must always make it a priority.

I don’t feel aligned with the company values
This is another common problem we hear from many of the career shifters we’ve worked with. If you feel your values, ethics and integrity are being compromised then we suggest you look at a new company.  As with many things in life we there are times where we should compromise but when it comes to your values and integrity -- we recommend reassessing your reasons for being in this company and asking yourself - is it worth going against your values?

I’m feeling burnout
Feeling stressed, exhausted and depleted of energy after your day of work? Burnout is a serious issue in today's workforce and a common problem that companies are facing.  Burnout is usually a sign that the company you’re working for doesn’t value their employee’s well being.  We would suggest reviewing the culture of the company you are working for and assessing whether or not this is the type of company you want to work for.  If this is you we highly suggest looking at what value does being stressed, exhausted or having low energy bring to your day to day life? Being physically and mentally exhausted is not something to aspire to and is a problem that continues far outside of the workplace that can impact your own health but also your relationships and overall lifestyle. This is a definite sign to look for a career change, no matter how much money you are earning - compromising your health and well being is not worth any amount of money.

A few final thoughts...and reminders:

  • YOU are the driver of your decisions no matter whether you go to a career counsellor, take an online course or speak to peers - only you know when you’re ready to make the move.

  • When thinking about a career move or career change one must be in the right MINDSET for a move or a change -- so check in with yourself, what is your current attitude and mindset towards a career move?

  • What are your MOTIVATORS for a career move?

  • Moving careers can happen in many ways - internally in your existing organisation, externally to a new organisation or a completely new direction -- what type of a career move do you want and why?

  • No matter where you move to, there will always be days when you can feel uninterested in your work and have a “bad day”

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