In Part 1 we talked about the importance of reviewing and listing your transferrable skills when moving into a career with no experience.  

In this part we’re going to share how to create a skills based CV.

By now you should have listed all your transferrable skills and identified the transferrable skills you most like to use.  

From there it’s time to build a skills based CV instead of an experience based CV.  You  create a skills based CV when your work experience is not as relevant for the job or sector you are applying for.  It is the most ideal type of CV when transitioning into a new career direction.


What is a skills based CV?

A skills based CV is one that focuses on your transferrable skills more so than your experience.  

It is not chronological like an experience based CV.


How to write a skills based CV?

  • Your CV should start with a personal profile section - similar to if you were writing an experience based CV this part of the CV is to share more about why you’d be ideal for the position.  Think of this as a summary of sorts, just 4-5 sentences.  Adapt or adjust this part with specific words that are used in the advert to give them a good immediate first glance.

  • The next part of your CV should be where you list out your top transferrable skills that are suitable to the position you are applying for, or that you would like to transition to.  List each skill out as a sub-header and use bullets underneath to expand on each of the skills. Look at ways of how you can relate the skill to the position and use examples where possible.

  • Include education, past employment history, memberships, interests and anything else that would usually be included in a regular / experienced based CV at the bottom after your skills.


Some additional tips

  • Although a little extra work it helps to have a couple of different resumes that highlight or emphasise different keywords or are tailored to more specific types of jobs.  

  • Review and rewrite your CV when applying for new positions. Each position will be looking for different skills so you might want to revise your CV accordingly so that you’re most likely to get in-front of the interviewer. you’ve now put your new skill based CV together, what’s next?

The next essential step is to craft your story...look out for it in Part 3, coming soon.

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