Celebrating Women #IWD - Jena Donlin

Celebrating women making things happen, this interview features Jena Donlin from Glassbreakers
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1. What is that one thing that drives you to do what you do each morning?
Curiosity. Whether it’s checking out how women are using a website feature or discussing goals in a partnership meeting, it’s important to be learning every day.

2. A few words of wisdom for the women out there wanting to make things happen in your field or any field?
Startups are hard. It’s important to build a community around yourself that can be both challenging and supportive of your ideas.

3. One thing for work or life you can't live without and why? (share any tools or apps that help you on your path)
Evernote. It’s all the wonderfulness of notebooks with all the benefits of being digital. It helps me be a better person and professional by making my notes searchable and accessible months down the line.

4. What are your hopes for the future generation of women?
I hope that future generations of women continue developing amazing women leaders across a wide variety of industries and social movements. We’ve got some great women leaders. I hope to see more.

5. What can we do better to help women in the world reach their potential?
Build confidence. We’ve seen on Glassbreakers that women are eager to learn new skills, but that they’re a lot more reluctant to claim expertise in an area where they could teach other women new skills. We want to nudge more women to mentor other women (even when they don’t feel they are experts quite yet).

6. Favourite website for daily inspiration to keep you motivated - or newsletter.
I’ve gotten into Tworlds. You take a picture with a hashtag like #horizon and get a photo taken by someone else somewhere else in the world also of the #horizon at that time. It makes me feel connected to a larger world.

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Jena Donlin

Jena Donlin is COO of Glassbreakers.co — a new startup building a peer mentorship community for professional women. She previously led business operations at reddit and is passionate about building online communities and product development.