Celebrating Women #IWD - Samantha Liebenberg

Celebrating women making things happen, this interview features Samantha Liebenberg from Slielabs

1. What is that one thing that drives you to do what you do each morning?
It may sound trite, but a desire to make the world a better place, and to prove to my sons that if you believe in what you do and try hard enough, then anyone can make a difference.

2. A few words of wisdom for the women out there wanting to make things happen in your field or any field?
I don't think your field makes a difference. There are a few keys things to remember. 1) People like nice people. You will always needs others - to help build your vision, to buy your product, to advise you; so remember to be kind. If someone emails you, reply. If someone makes an appointment with a time, be there. It shows a respect for others and everyone needs that. 2) Also remember to smile. It doesn't just leave a good impression, it makes you feel more confident and relaxed. 3) Keep going. Cry if you need to, take regular breaks, talk and listen to others - but if it really matters to you, keep going.

3. One thing for work or life you can't live without and why? (share any tools or apps that help you on your path)
Wow! This is tough! Firstly tea. Then as am mum, I would say my husband. But if you want tools then I'd say books- my kids read to me and I to them and we all learn a lot. As a founder of Slie Labs, I'd say video conferencing and Google docs. My team are spread out all over the world, we all work remotely and we all have the same docs. We talk weekly face to face and that is what keeps us all focused and part of a strong team.

4. What are your hopes for the future generation of women?
I hope they find a happiness. The sort of happiness that allows them to like who they are, be comfortable in their decisions- and realise that life is a long path.  Who you are today and what you want from life now, can and will change, and that's ok.  Be the best you can be at what you are doing now and the happiness will follow.

5. What can we do better to help women in the world reach their potential?
I think the focus needs to be on people not simply on women. Women need the support of communities and that includes men. With a supportive partner, parent, boss, co-worker, all of us regardless of gender can achieve our full potential.  Women do need help and support but so do others, and I would like to find a holistic way of looking at all predijudice and trying to find better ways to work together. 6. Favourite website for daily inspiration to keep you motivated - or newsletter?  Minions Quotations on Facebook - sometimes I am so busy that I forget all my own advice, and then a minion pops up and makes me smile. It is definitely easier to do things with a smile!

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Samantha Liebenberg

Founder Slielabs.