Celebrating Women #IWD - Tara Tiger Brown

Celebrating women making things happen, this interview features Tara Tiger Brown

1. What is that one thing that drives you to do what you do each morning?
The common thread across the organizations that I co-founded is -- connecting people to the resources, mentorship and support they need to create or do that thing that interests them. When they are excited to show me what they built or learned or started, it's the best feeling in the world.

2. A few words of wisdom for the women out there wanting to make things happen in your field or any field?
Write about your journey. If you don't know something, write about it, ask people for help. When you learn something, share it. Get out there and meet people, men and women. There are events happening all the time both online and offline. You must make an effort.

3. One thing for work or life you can't live without and why?(share any tools/ apps or anything that help you on your path)
I couldn't live without SMS, Slack, Video Hangouts, iPhone and Google Cal. I use them with all my organizations. My newest fave thing is Producthunt

4. What are your hopes for the future generation of women?
Thinking specifically about technology, girls lose interest when they transition from tween to teen because they lose confidence and don't have a lot of mentors to look up to or people to help them, especially girls in underserved communities. I hope that we can change the ratio of women in technology and engineering disciplines by working with and mentoring girls.

5. What can we do better to help women in the world reach their potential?
Be supportive, introduce them to people in your network, think of them when writing articles or hosting a panel or a talk. Think less about being competitive and more about being inclusive. The more you give the more you give back.

6. Favourite website for daily inspiration to keep you motivated - or newsletter

The Heretic 

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Tara Tiger Brown

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