Celebrating Women #IWD - Zoe Warne

Celebrating women making things happen, this interview features Zoe Warne from August.

1. What is that one thing that drives you to do what you do each morning?
The amazing people I have the pleasure of working with. It’s their ideas, skills and determination to make a positive difference in the world - both for our clients and their audiences.

2. A few words of wisdom for the women out there wanting to make things happen in your field or any field?
Start today, no matter how small a step. What you do doesn't need to be perfect, but once you start, you can refine as you go and keep learning.

3. One thing for work or life you can't live without and why? (think about tools/ apps/ etc that help you on your path)
Customising my phone settings - it sounds small but it can make a huge difference, particularly Notification settings across all apps, email etc. It means I am informed when I need to be, but only for things that are important to me, and I try not to get distracted by things that aren't time critical.

4. What are your hopes for the future generation of women?
To be empowered, kind, generous and self-assured. To not judge what we achieve by comparison against other women (or men for that matter).

5. What can we do better to help women in the world reach their potential?
Support and nurture each other. Although nature wants us to compete, if we can channel that energy into competing for the higher cause of a better world, a shared improvement of humanity, then gender will hopefully start to become less of an issue and we can focus on achieving things together as the human race.

6. Favourite website for daily inspiration to keep you motivated - or newsletter?
I F*cking Love Science – it’s wonderful for helping us realise we're part of a bigger story with incredible achievements or realisations published everyday. It helps remind me to be humble, both in the face of great genius and discovery, but also for how short our time is and that we should strive for epic, fantastic things.

7. A mentor or person that has helped you along your journey?
My art teacher in high school. Mrs. Kathleen Novak stood up for things she believed in that would help expand our minds and grow our potential (for example, giving us the opportunity to do life drawing in an otherwise very conservative school). This example of tenacity has stuck with me in life and business. That if you care enough to see something through, it can benefit not just yourself but those that come after you.  

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Zoe Warne

As August’s co-founder, Zoë engineers an organisation’s online presence to create meaningful touchpoints with its audiences.

Zoë thinks, creates and delivers in pixels for August’s clients and their audiences. A fast-moving, quick-thinking creative with a deep communications background, Zoë chooses to meld her business nous with her philanthropic heart.

Zoë brings knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for making technology meaningful on a daily basis. She has a particular focus on August’s clients in the arts, education and government sectors, working with clients such as Yarra Valley Water, Snowgum, Major Projects Victoria, Energy Australia, Rosella, Scope, Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Pantera Press and Australian National Academy of Music.

With a regular co-hosting gig on 774ABC radio talking all things digital, she is also a guest lecturer at RMIT, Swinburne and Monash Universities, Chair of the Swinburne University Multimedia Course Advisory Committee and a Committee Member for the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA).