Change Interview - Andy Murphy

Andy Murphy

This desire to help people create peak potential lead to Andy becoming an International Master Practitioner and trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Andy now takes his skill and passion around the world. Such as the USA, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia the list goes on, where clients seek him out for private consulting including entrepreneurs, world champion MMA stars, professional sports athletes, multi-millionaire business owners, TV and film producers, TV and stage actors, trauma survivors and even Royal Family.

Andy`s true passion is to use the most cutting edge psychological tools blended with his own 21st century version of eastern philosophy to help global clients excel to their full potential. This passion is what drives him every day.

Entrepreneur/Speaker/Trainer/Coach -


1. What major change has happened in your life?

Change is a constant daily and momentary concept. But the most significant change in my life was when moving from Liverpool in the UK to Sydney in Australia and first becoming involved in NLP. There was a gentleman who called Pete who was the first person in my life at 24 years old that told me that I had a choice in my thoughts, that i didn't have to think negative, that I had the option to control my thoughts. This might seem very obvious today and something I teach all over the world, but with my upbringing in a very working class background, this concept and teaching changed my life forever.

Another time that stands out was after a business partner stealing money from me and sending me into bankruptcy. This was one of the most intense times of my life, but out of it a grew and changed and became very connected with my intuition which guided me to turn down a high paying career in Hong Kong working for a large real estate developers and instead borrowing money and trusting what felt right and instead flew between several countries launching my now career as a Mental performance coach. Trusting your own guidance system is the biggest lesson I think that i have had to date. Not always easy, but always the right answer.


2. How did you navigate yourself out of this change period? (Any tools, resources and advice that you may have used or read)?

Both of the above experiences changed my life as they were pinnacle periods in my life where I had to make a decision about who I was, what I wanted my life to be like and the people I wanted around me.

With anything in life when making change you must look at several key components about yourself.

Reality: Most people will not look at the exact situation that is going on around them about their business and life in what ever context. It is not negative thinking it is being real. Often people will live delusional about truly their circumstances. Once you know what your “poker” hand is then you can make decisions and choices what is next. It is very refreshing.

Beliefs: A real look at what you are truly firing automatically in your mind, means that you are able to change your beliefs about yourself, your future and your past. What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about the word money? The word future? These are what is on autopilot and affecting your attitude, values and even the language you use inside your own head each day.


3. Has this change impacted the way you approached life and work today? Why and How?

Simply, I became aware of what is actually creating my life. This gave the ability to understand that your mind dictates everything that is happening around you, all that you are experiencing and all that you are feeling. There is always a choice in life and in your thoughts.

I live by and teach that life is by design.


4. What one thing do you wish you had during this time - or what one thing was missing during this time that could have helped you?

I wish, of course, that knew what I know now. Which means that when someone hurts you in business and breaks your trust that you don't have to hold onto that trauma. It is just an experience and you can always change your memory of it. You can always grow from it. Not what the circumstance someone else is going through something so much worse, yet moves on from it and creates something amazing from the momentum and the decision.

5. What are your 3 main take aways from this change period?

Your always have a choice to change

Your memories are just that memories. They are not real anymore.

Life is by design


6. What one piece of advice would you give to someone going through a similar point in their lives?

Reverse engineer your life. How do you want it to be in your perfect week and day. Get clear on what excites you, what makes you happy and become that version of you always. Until the neurology is so thick that there is no other version of you.


7. If your change could be represented by a colour, what would it be?

(We're using the idea that colour represents the different changes that an individual would go through - you can choose one or two depending on the change that you feel was strongest).  Some individuals go through change in a slower process than others and deeper, for others change happens faster and brighter.  We hope that through using colour to represent change we can see the different ways change occurs within individuals.

The colour that stands out for me instantly. Whether that will change through a different period of my life is Green = The color green is the color of balance and growth, life