Change Interview with our Change Explorer - Yasmeen Kassim

A past participant of our Signature Programme Change and our Change Explore - Yasmeen Kassim shares her insights from our 2013 Change Ventures programme and how it's impacted her.

1. How was the Change Ventures experience?

It was just what i needed at that point in my life. I learnt new things and made new friends. It was great to be surrounded amongst people with bright ideas and passion.

2. How has it changed your approach/outlook to life and to your work?

Perspective - one lesson that has stuck to me is that - it's not about ideas - it's about making it happen. (yes, i realise i have yet to make something/happen), but also what I realised over the past few months is that until you can build your own stable foundation, it's hard to build a foundation for an external entity. Habits as well.

3. What impact did you get from attending Change Ventures?

The biggest impact would actually be meeting people that you respect, and trust. Getting their advice on both personal/professional matters.

4. Main 3 take aways?

1. Surround yourself with people that inspire you

2. Build a routine.

3. It's not about ideas- its about making IT happen.

5. What one piece of advice would you give to someone going through a similar point in their lives that you had gone through?

I honestly think my situation is a bit unique, but as the cliched saying goes - be authentic. Take time to really listen to yourself, and do whats best, or rather whats real for you. Get in touch with what you truly value, live by those values and everything will fall in place. When you have the courage to disassociate with society's norms of whats normal or expected you gain an inner peace and a sense of contentment, no matter how rough things are. Ride the wave and trust that you will flow in the direction you need to.

Cover Image: Kombination