Change Interview - Zin Cattell

A while back we interviewed several individuals who went through pivotal moments of change and over the week's we'll be sharing their interviews.  Hear what they have to say, how they coped with different moments of change and what they learnt.  

Today we share Zin Cattell's #Storyofchange and feature him as our #Humansofchange.  

1. What major change has happened in your life?

 I made the decision to quit my job and leave my life (and furniture) in London, right after receiving my UK residency, on the pretext of a holiday but I secretly knew I needed a change.

2. How did you navigate yourself out of this change period? (Any tools, resources and advice that you may have used or read)?

 I went on a self help book binge, I read everything I thought could help ("What Color is your Parachute” was quite insightful). My first month here I was by myself a lot, having time to myself and discovering Singapore. Easing into another new city whilst planning a career change.  

3. Has this change impacted the way you approached life and work today? Why and How?

 Yes. I’ve learnt that “starting over” is actually be a good thing. Listen to your inner voice and always take time out to re-evaluate things. Everything will sort itself out and you take these experiences and grow as a person. You have the power to make change.

4. What one thing do you wish you had during this time - or what one thing was missing during this time that could have helped you?

 I wished I had some kind of mentorship in the first months but I was lucky enough to meet great new friends that helped me discover more options!

5. What are your 3 main take aways from this change period?

 1. It is your own responsibility to make your dreams come true.  

 2. Learn from your pass successes.   

3. Don’t keep things to yourself, share! You never know what will come up in conversations.

6. What one piece of advice would you give to someone going through a similar point in their lives?

 Believe that everything will be alright! Change is good.

7. If your change could be represented by a colour, what would it be?

 Cyan (blue and green)!