Change Ventures 2014 - Day 4

Today’s Quote
One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things ~ Henry Miller

What We Did

We were happy to see all students take part in today’s early Morning Yoga at 6.30am today, led by our yoga partner Jess Goozee from Yoganica - following yesterday’s intense day of introspective workshops and mentor sessions with one of our Inspirational Mentors Jeffrey Paine from Golden Gate Ventures and the Founder Institute.

We also welcomed two new students to the group this morning, both based in Singapore and looking to launch new businesses. At Check-In, students shared their Top 3 Priorities for the day - the most common priority being to complete homework assignments from Day 2 and Day 3 and learn three new words in Bahasa, to be shared during the group Check-In sessions moving forward.

Know Your Why

To introduce today’s theme - Know Your Why - we watched Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on How Great Leaders Inspire Action and engaged the group in a discussion around his powerful message: The goal is not to do business with everyone who needs what you have but with everyone who believe what you believe.

“People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it”.

Find Inspiration

In the following two workshops, we looked at Helpful People and Resources and Who Are My Heroes. Drawing inspiration from the Spark Kit, students were asked to identify and list individuals from within their networks and communities who could provide information, knowledge and support to help them move forward in life and work. We also asked them think about who they considered to be their Heroes - exceptional individuals who demonstrate qualities, influence and achievements they look up to.

Free Time

Students were given the rest of the day off to use their time as they liked. Most worked on their homework and took further time to speak with Jeff before he flew back to Singapore. They later ventured out to work at nearby wifi cafes and explore other areas around Bali.

What We Observed

  1. Following yesterday’s back to back sessions, students were feeling energised, motivated, purposeful and with more focus this morning. After speaking with Jeff, many felt they had learned alot and had more reassurance about the way forward.
  2. Some students struggled with Daily Journaling, faced with resistance in not knowing what to write or not feeling the writing was of acceptable quality.
  3. Simon Sinek’s talk was not new to everyone but his message serves an important need to be reminded of why we wake up and push on each day.
  4. In thinking about helpful people, resources and influential figures, it became clear that we don’t always take the time to consider and leverage the resources that are available to us. This prompted students to think differently about how they approach social media, new connections and conversations as tools for learning and growing, in life and work.

Key Takeaways

  • Hearing the experience of others who’ve ‘been there’, ‘done that’ or ‘done it differently’ is reassuring and encouraging when we find ourselves at a cross-roads and seeking a new direction
  • Adopting new practices like Daily Journaling can feel challenging and pointless at first but don’t over think it; allowing time for brain dumping and mental rants can serve the subconscious a greater purpose that may only be understood later.
  • In today’s world of instant communication and real-time connection, we often underestimate the value and possibilities of the relationships we have. But taking the time to think about the people in our networks and communities allows us to realise the abundance of accessible resources and support we all have.