Conversation with Ezra Mitchell - The Positive Outcome Of Fear

As part of this month’s series on the topic of Fear, we have a very special guest today - Ezra Mitchell, professional coach and speaker on the areas of emotional health and relationships. His core message is how healing our stories and the relationship with ourselves removes the emotional obstacles that keep us from creating more happiness in life, work and love.


Ezra Mitchell has constantly found value in facing fear and in reinventing himself in the several careers he has had over the last 15 years all in the pursuit of meaningful work. Studying psychology and personal development for the last decade, his decision to leave a career in engineering to pursue more purposeful work. By listening to his intuition, channeling his fear into focus on career reinvention, his work helps people to connect and heal their core leading voice in order to make better decisions and have more confidence on their path.

Ezra’s 5 PRO Tips for Transforming Fear to Focus

1. Direction - Develop and map out your current direction (it will change) and find your WHY. What are you moving towards and why?

2. Awareness - Dig deep to find the core drivers of your fears and separate them from the motivations of your WHY. Fear does not create a real WHY.  

3. Intuition - Find your intuitive voice and separate that from your fear as well.  Intuition is a combination of experience and feeling, not one without the other, and is also separate from fear  

4. Analysis - look at the choices you made based on fear or intuition and see how they pan out from an analytical standpoint. Did I make "good" or "bad" choices and why?  You will quickly see patterns form of decisions based on fear or expansion.

5. Momentum - keep moving forward and towards bigger challenges. They will keep the past fears far and small. Remember "If I fear it, move towards it"  Bravery comes from facing fear, not avoiding it.



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