From Networking To Tribe Building

Today's episode is part of our MINDSET series to challenge your thinking and approach to career success by addressing key topics and practices that are so integral to Work-Life.

A great example which is our topic for tonight’s session is: NETWORKING.

Most of us already know why networking is important for a successful career. It’s how we find opportunities, collaborators, clients, partners and professional contacts. But technology has allowed us to take networking to a whole new level and this has created a modern challenge of creating and sustaining more meaningful relationships - and that’s true of our professional and personal lives.

So how do we bring real human connection back to our relationships? How can be feel and be more authentic in our daily interactions? And how do we create a sustainable practice of nurturing our relationships in a meaningful way?

That’s the topic of discussion tonight: how to transform our networking mindset to start focusing on…

Quality vs Quantity (of) relationships
Transactional vs Transformational connections (reciprocal vs nonreciprocal value)
Meaningful vs Superficial

…. and cultivating your Tribe

We’re going to cover:

  • Why You Need A Tribe
  • Who You Need In Your Tribe + Where To Find Them
  • Tips For Building + Nurturing A Killer Tribe



  • What is a tribe?
    Your tribe are the people you can call on for advice / support in order to achieve the goals you set for yourself. They might help you to generate / brainstorm ideas, find new solutions to problems, offer advice / guidance when you’re facing a challenge, share their experience in something you’re exploring or interested in, or even help with referrals / introductions / connections. And they can call on you too, for the same reasons.  


  • Think of your tribe as a garden.  It needs to be tended to really flourish - by weeding out people you have no real connection to; watering it by nurturing the relationships that you value; cultivating a habit of doing these things consistently.

  • When it comes to your career, it really doesn't matter how many LinkedIn contacts or FB friends you have; it is the people in you spend the most time with that will determine your success.

    This is particularly true if you’re thinking about a career change or trying to navigate a career transition. Having a tribe to support you, keep you accountable to your goals, and go the journey with you will make ALL the difference in the speed and effectiveness of your efforts.  

  • The goal of a tribe is to build on shared ideas + values and enable everyone in the tribe to do more and be more by offering mutual support and accountability. You’ve probably heard the saying: No man is an island. It speaks to the fact that everyone needs help from others every now and then because we all have limitations - things we can learn from others, things we can teach to others, and things we can’t do alone. No matter how independent / self-sufficient you may be, we all need a good support system - especially when pursuing a dream, purpose, vision or calling.

We love the African proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

  • To be heard and seen - by those who can help you go further in life + career

  • To learn, listen, and to become a better leader - for yourself and others

  • To build connections and friendships - based on common values / interests / goals

  • To feel belonging - this gives meaning and purpose to our lives + our work

  • To exchange value - helping you reach your potential and helping others reach theirs

  • To create change - by taking action, staying focused, and keeping accountable



Your tribe isn’t necessarily your family, friends, or even best friends, but it should comprise of people you value, trust, and feel a connection to - and they should also know you well.

The best way to start finding your tribe is by starting with the people in your network. Think about the qualities, characteristics, values and interests you share, and how you can reach out to them.

Look for on/offline communities, networks or events related to your key interest areas, activities / hobbies you enjoy, or subject areas you’d like to build knowledge, skills or experience in. Consider how you can engage and take active participation in these groups.

Be intentional about building your tribe. Think about how you can create and nurture a holistic group of people who bring different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences they can share.  Use our Tribe Building Worksheet to help you reflect and map it all out.

Think about who’s in your existing network and how you can expand on this to find…

  • Like Minds + Different Minds

  • Cheerleaders + Challengers

  • Inspirers + Influencers

  • Dreamers + Doers

  • Thinkers + Believers

  • Achievers + Advocates

  • People who see your greatness - even if you don’t - and encourage you to share it with the world


Keep these people out of your tribe:

  • Naysayers - people who are always negative, ‘fixed’ in their thinking or resistant to change

  • Takers - people who suck your time and energy, or take you for granted

  • Ungratefuls - people who constantly complain, blame others, or always seem to be unhappy

  • Play-it-Safers - people who prefer mediocrity to challenging and stretching themselves



Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.
If you want to find + attract “your people” you have to demonstrate the qualities and behaviours you value yourself. That means…  

  • Being authentic and true to who you are. You need to know what you value, what interests and inspires you, and how you want to show up in the world. If you want to be around people who are real, friendly, open and vulnerable, then you need to be those things.

  • Look for connection. It’s not enough just to join online communities, go to events, and exchange contact details at networking events. Engage people in conversations, be participative at events, and look to create meaningful connections in your relationships. Cut the small talk and focus on exchanging real value instead.

  • Exude positivity. Nobody likes a ‘negative Nancy’. Be someone you’d want to get to know or be friends with. It’s not about being overly excited or pretending to never have a bad day. It’s about being a person who chooses to see the brighter side of things by focusing on what’s possible, what can be improved, and seeing the opportunities where others see challenges.

  • Focus on learning and growth. The whole point of building a tribe is to surround yourself by people who are driven to add value, achieve, succeed, and take action.

We hope you enjoyed tonight’s session on why, how and what you need to be doing - beyond just ‘networking’ - and start build your tribe for success.

We’ve got a great downloadable worksheet prepared for you today - download it at to help you identify who you need in your tribe, how you can engage them, and how you can better nurture those relationships.

And for those of you who may are thinking about a change in your career / or are currently in a career transition, be sure to join our Career Shifters FB group to start finding and engaging your tribe there!


Other Resources:

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