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Last week we talked about HOW TO Create a Fulfilling Career

Today’s episode is about transforming your MINDSET - from Working a JOB to Building a CAREER to Thrive.

  • What’s the difference between a Job and a Career

  • Why you should focus on thriving, and not just surviving

  • How to make the shift and actions you can start to take right away


What we're going to cover today....
Grace is going to kick off today’s discussion on the key differences between a Job & Career

Grace: What's the difference between a JOB vs CAREER:

  • I want to discuss some of the key differences we see between a JOB and CAREER. This is central to the work we do - the tools + experiences + communities we create are aimed at helping you to thrive in your CAREER (and life).

​​1) Short Term vs Long Term

  • JOB is short-term (what you do simply to earn money).

  • CAREER is long-term (what you do to advance yourself, your pay, and your ability to lead others).

2) Focus on Next Job vs Next Step

  • JOB doesn’t necessarily create opportunities for your career growth because it isn’t necessarily your profession …

  • CAREER allows you to focus on your professional development and advancement

    For Example: If your career is in Education, your profession may be a teacher / professor / learning designer / policy maker

3) Collecting Money vs Collecting Experience

  • JOB enables you to earn & collect money...

  • CAREER enables you to build & collect experience...

The KEY difference between a Job + Career comes down to your ATTITUDE

  • JOB describes how you currently make a living …

  • CAREER speaks to your bigger picture - it may be the field / industry / professional area you work and wish to grow in...

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you reflect on your current situation…

  • Leaving Work - Do you feel angry or happy + accomplished at the end of most days?

  • Mondays - Do you find usually dread the start of the week or energised to smash it?

  • At Work - Do you tend to do the bare minimum or go above and beyond?

  • Do you find that you’re always chasing the clock - never having enough time to do the things you want in your day? Or do you find your days are fulfilling - allowing you to balance your work and life?

Sol’s going to share why understanding these differences will help you to focus on doing work that enables you to THRIVE (whether you’re in a job OR a career), not just SURVIVE.


Exactly. To be clear: There’s nothing wrong with working a Job to make money if that’s what’s most important for you and your current situation. The reason we focus on career is because we are all about making Work good + sustainable + aligned to the life you want.

And as Grace said - it all comes down to your ATTITUDE.

  • People in a job will often refer to work as the GRIND.

  • People who are focused on their career tend to see it is a life-long JOURNEY.

When you understand that your career is a series of CONNECTED employment opportunities, every job or role becomes and opportunity to grow and advance yourself + situation in some way.   People who want a career are always thinking about their next steps in the context of their bigger picture or their long-term VISION.  Job-seekers are always looking for the next job; career-seekers are always looking to move up the ladder (inside a corporation / business / professional sector).

People in jobs are usually uninterested in VALUES (because they’re more concerned about when and where the next paycheck will come from) and tend to find themselves job-hopping - always looking for something else / more…

CAREER-BUILDERS tend to focus on opportunities that are aligned to their values - the things that FILL THEIR CUP (what we discussed last week).

The reflective questions outlined in last week’s worksheet can help you to further clarify your current situation and understand that the shift from SURVIVING to THRIVING really does come down to your MINDSET + CURRENT SITUATION - 2 factors you have full control over.

Being in a JOB isn’t “bad” and building a CAREER isn’t “better”. The key is understanding the key differences and knowing what your current situation requires you to be focused on.

Fresh out of college, I needed a JOB to pay the bills. I wanted a career, but I needed to buy myself the time to figure out the type of career I wanted whilst also gaining real-world experience. With those goals in mind, I managed to be financially independent (I never took money from my parents) and gain valuable experience across a variety of industries that allowed me to develop new skills. So for me, JOB-HOPPING eventually led me to my CAREER path.  

The need to SURVIVE doesn’t have to be at the expense of your ability to THRIVE - to embrace and enjoy the journey of learning + discovering + growing + flourishing.


When your basic needs aren’t being met, it’s hard to focus on bigger things.  And if you don’t have a vision to work towards, it’s hard to see work as more than the grind.

THIS is why we believe everything boils down to your VALUES - knowing what’s most important to you right now, so that you can ground your choices + decisions in what you really want.

Whether that’s financial stability, developing your profession, gaining valuable experience, bringing AWARENESS + INTENTIONALITY to everything you do at every stage of your journey means that you are always improving + furthering your career (and life).

Transformation happens when you understand deeply that working a job and building on your career do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Every job can be treated as stepping stone in your career when you make the mental shift to focus on THRIVING and not just SURVIVING.

Over to Grace to share what bit.ly/changeschooltv  you can take to focus on your career wherever you are.


If you want to be successful in your career, you need to have a Career Plan to help guide your choices, actions and decisions.  It doesn’t need to be complicated; you can start with any of the 4 simple steps I’m about to share based on what’s most relevant for you right now.   

You can also download our free worksheet for today’s episode to kick-start your Career Planning in these 4 simple steps.

  • Step 1: Reflect & Self-Assess

Begin by thinking about where you are now, where you want to be and how you can get there. Ask yourself WHAT your current situation is, WHAT you want to achieve and WHAT skills or experience you need to help you achieve that vision.

Once you've reflected on that, you can work on getting to know your skills/strengths, values, and interests. By the end of this step you will have a better idea of your work + learning goals and personal preferences.

Use this information to create your career “wish list” which will help you to evaluate the information you gather in Step 2 (Exploration) and help you to choose your best option for your current situation in Step 3 (Evaluation).


  • Step 2: Explore

Brainstorm and make a list of all the professions / occupations and knowledge / learning areas that interest you and start to research the types of skills and qualifications that would be required.

Research can happen from your desk or through in person interactions. By the end of this step, you should have a list of possible career options that would be of interest and therefore suited to you.


  • Step 3: Evaluate

This step is all about comparing your options, narrowing down your choices, and thinking about what is best suited to your current situation.

This is where it can be helpful to have guidance from a CAREER COACH / STRATEGIST who can help you to review your personal insights, analyse your options, strategize your next steps.


  • Step 4: Implement
    Here you chart out the steps you’ll need to take to implement your plan. Use all the personal insights and information gathered in Step 2 and your research about the world of work from Step 3 to create your plan.

    Having a SUPPORT SYSTEM / STRUCTURE can be helpful here too. Working with a career advisor / accountability buddy / peer group allows you to gain feedback + guidance + support as you craft your plan and put it into action.  

  • Sol will share some additional resources and The Change School offerings to help with your Career Planning...



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4) Lastly, if you enjoyed today’s jam and prefer to DIY your Career Planning…
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