NEWSLETTER: F*** Your Career

*This newsletter went out August 17th
We're guessing you've probably been wanting to find a more meaningful career for a while now, or your sitting on the fence about making that BIG career change....

getting up every morning and doing the same old boring job?
Or maybe even burning out because you're over worked...

But...question is, what are you doing about it?

Doing nothing of course changes nothing. Complaining doesn't do much for changing a situation. Resigning impulsively is just a recipe for disaster, but jumping ship to board another sinking one means it’ll only be a matter of time til you’re back in the deep end.  

We’ve been there. 

Caught up in the busyness of life, in our own heads, and standing at a crossroads - it’s easy to throw up your hands, accept the status quo and find temporary relief in choosing to do nothing.  

Without a super clear, step-by-step plan, most aspiring career shifters struggle to stay focused - overwhelmed by options, unsure of their direction or knowing exactly what they need to do next. They fall victim to stress, analysis paralysis and decision-fatigue - lacking the tools and support to move forward.  The struggle is real but lucky for you we’re here to help.!

Just for a minute (or two) imagine the ideal day you'd like to live and your ideal career.

No matter how far off it may seem right now, just know that it is possible, because WE did and if we can create a life that's aligned with our unique values and our dreams....then so can YOU.

Right now may just be the right time for you to do the same and...FACE your unfulfilling CAREER!

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