Recap: April #30daysofchange - INSPIRATION

This months #30daysofchange is #inspiration. 

INSPIRATION - the creativity, passion and belief that transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary. But where does inspiration come from? How do we find it? As with most challenges we face, the answer lies within us. Inspiration is derived from our experiences, relationships, lessons and dreams - the goodness that fills us with positivity, creativity and energy to take action when we believe.

Here are your daily tips to get inspired and to help you build your dose of inspiration.

01 - Make time for play. Make plenty of room for PLAY as it allows you to be free and open your mind to new possibilities.







02 - Tidy up your workplace.  Having a clear space to work from allows you to free your mind for inspiration. Today try and tidy your workspace, clear your clutter. Remove anything that is in your way.

03 - Write 10 things you are grateful for.  Our mind must be clear for inspiration to happen. Work on writing 10 things you are grateful for.

04 - Brainstorm with others.  When we brainstorm it helps to allow for more ideas and inspiration to come to us. Find a group of friends, colleagues or people to brainstorm with and get their different ideas or perspectives.

05 - Make the most of online resources.  We live in a world where the internet provides us access to so many amazing resources and tools out there. Get online to get inspired, read up on new trends and ideas to build your inspiration.

06 - Be your own inspiration.  We can get inspired by our surroundings but have you through of being your own inspiration? Everyone is inspirational and we should embrace our strengths and all the positive within us. 

07 - Spend time in nature.  How many of us can say we spend enough time in nature? If you’re living in a city or living in urban areas and working a lot it can be hard for us to make time and get out into nature. In order to get inspiration we believe it’s necessary for one to spend more time in nature. So get out and explore in nature today!

08 - See with your eyes, not your brain.  Expand your horizon by really paying attention to things with your eyes. Often we're too busy thinking when we're walking about that we can easily miss things and not pay full attention to our surroundings.

09 - Listen to music.  Nothing like a bit of music to get you inspired. Get online to Spotify or listen to your favourite tracks, dance, be inspired.

10 - Day dream and doodle!  Everyone loves day dreaming so why not make some time for it. Even better is doodle whilst you're day dreaming.

11 - Unplug.  We are constantly connected 24/7, unplug yourself from distrsaction and the internet and your phone. Then you will find inspiration.

12 - Ask 3 people how they get inspired.  Ask and you may just receive. If you're looking at new ways to get inspired, ask 3 people today how they get inspired. Either in person, in a text message or email - even maybe call. This will help you to see how others get inspired and could even trigger ways for you to build your inspiration.

13 - Get pen to paper.  Writing helps a lot of different things but writing down all your ideas, even the ones you don't like can help you to get inspired. By writing we can start seeing the way we think and even see where the dots connect. Put some time into putting pen to paper!

14 - Question everything.  Today in your interactions or when you're reading things, question everything you take in. This will get our mind working and give you a boost of inspiration. When our minds are able to be curious and question things we may start seeing new patterns and new solutions.

15 - Travel.  There is no better way to get inspired than to travel. This one is our favourite tip...if you can get away, book yourself a trip somewhere you've never been before even for just a few days. Travelling is the best cure for a lack of inspiration.

16 - Visit a new place in your city.  If you can't travel following our tip yesterday, go and visit somewhere you've never been to in your own city. This is just as good. Going somewhere we've never been will light our senses up and spark some inspiration.

17 - Study the past, review history.  Take some time out to review articles or books on our past, study history. Reading our history may provide you some new ideas or connect old ideas with new ideas.

18 - Look outside your industry.  See what others are doing in a completely different industry to yours. We're often only looking within our spheres, but if we can get inspired by other industries.

19 - Engage your artistic side.  Work on doing some art, painting, writing a poem. Creative inspiration and ideas can come from these artistically creative ways.

20 - Give yourself a pressure free day.  Take the pressure off, give yourself a pressure free day to just do all the things you enjoy doing. Inspiration comes at the times we're able to have fun and be alive.

21 - Spend time with children.  When we play with children or spend some time around children we can see the world through their eyes. This can lead you to having new perspectives on the world.

22 - Read an autobiography.  Reading someone else's autobiography can help us see what ways others lived, worked and created.  

23 - Join a community.  Find a community that you can join and connect with people who can help you with your challenges.

24 - Write 3 good things that made you happy today.  When writing the top 3 things that made you happy today, pay attention to how you felt during these moments.  Reflect and see what other things can make you feel as happy. 

25 - Listen to a podcast.  On your morning communte rather than checking your social media feeds try and listen to a podcast to trigger new ideas or inspiration. 

26 - Do the opposite of what you feel.  Try just for today to do the opposite of everything you know, or think or feel. This make just ignite you in all the right ways to help you with new ideas or inspiration.

27 - Don't over think.  Don't overthink things too much. Go with your gut feeling and try and keep things simple.

28 - Be limitless.  When we use words such as can't, won't or shouldn't we limit ourselves. Don't limit yourself today.

29 - Let out your inner child.  Sometimes all we need to do is let out our inner child!

30 - Accept.  Accept that sometimes we are just not in the ZONE! Don't force it, it will come!