Recap: June #30daysofchange - Vulnerability

#30daysofchange JUNE Recap.  Learning to be vulnerable takes more than just 30 days, but here's our tips to get you on your way. 


01.  Read Brené Brown.   Starting the month off there's no one better to inspire us than Brené Brown. If you haven't yet, get reading or watching her share more on Vulnerability.


02.  Open Up.  Open up with others around you today. Share something you've not shared before.


03.  Be Ok With All Of You.  We all have flaws but we all also have many unique traits and characteristics. Be ok with all of you. Nobody is perfect.


04.  Love Yourself. Love is an important word in life, but often we're too busy loving others and not loving ourselves. Love Yourself today.


05.  Don't Be Afraid Of Rejection.  Rejection happens to everyone. If you've faced rejection in the past or if you're afraid of rejection, don't be. 


06.  Let Down Your Guard.  In order to be vulnerable we must let our guard down and show all sides of ourselves.


07.  Experience Some True Connection.  Experience true connection today. For vulnerability to come through we must build authentic and true connections.


08.  Be Authentically You.  


09.  Appreciate Who You Are.  Opening up to being more vulnerable is all about you...Appreciate who you are, lose that voice inside you that may be saying you're not good enough. Start saying you're great just the way you are!


10.  Let Go Of Insecurities.  Insecurities stop us from being vulnerable because it makes us anxious or feel fragile in front of others. Let go of insecurities and become more vulnerable, no matter what anyone thinks.


11.  Listen To Yourself.  When we can listen to ourselves we can engage easily in honest conversations and be comfortable in expressing what we really feel to people around us.


12.  Have Compassion.  Compassion goes hand in hand with listening. If you can find and develop compassion within yourself you are heading in the right direction to becoming more vulnerable.


13.  Forgive Yourself.   We must forgive ourselves before we can share with others our true colours. Only when we forgive ourselves can we be more comfortable with who we are.


14.  Learn From Past Experiences.  Our past experiences impact who we are today. If we're lacking a bit of vulnerability in our character, try learn from past experiences. Why may we be holding back? What events or moments shaped us? How can we learn and move forward from our experiences?


15.  Have Confidence.  Individuals who are more likely to be open to being vulnerable have a higher level of confidence. Having confidence doesn't mean you need to have a big ego, it just means you believe in yourself and who you are. Have a little more confidence in your bounce today and you'll feel more comfortable in sharing, opening up about yourself and being vulnerable with others.


16.  Admit Your Mistakes.  Vulnerable people admit to their mistakes. If you struggle admitting your mistakes or that we were wrong to those closest to you...try just today to admit to one person.


17.  Take Risks.  Life is all about taking risks, and it'll help you to start being more vulnerable, so give it a go!


18.  Have Empathy.  Empathy was our theme in March and is something we need to continue working on, bring what you learnt then into this month's theme and you'll be surprised at how it can help you with being that little more vulnerable. It's the perfect time to practice your changes.


19.  Share The Hards Parts Of Your Life.  Tell someone today about the hard and challenging parts of your life. Vulnerability in practice.


20.  Share A Secret.  Share one big scary secret with a close one.


21.  Don't Focus On What Others Think Of You.  Often we are so worried about what others think that it stops us from interacting in our most natural and authentic manner. Most of the time they're too busy with their own internal struggles.


22. Let Others Be Vulnerable With You.  By allowing others to open up it helps us move to becoming more vulnerable in our relationships.


23.  Fall In Love.  Not the easiest of tips but for those of you in a relationship - ask yourself are you allowing yourself to truly fall in love? Love is the ultimate risk because it is uncertain. Are you truly engaged in your relationship? Are you showing your weaknesses or fearful? If you're fearful then you are not sharing your inner most feeling or being vulnerable.


24.  Visualise.  Visualise yourself being honest and open to others.


25.  Accept Help.  Know that it's ok to get help from others. Be ok with asking for help from a loved one, a colleague or friends. Asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness.


26.  Be Resilient.  Becoming more vulnerable takes time, stay resilient as we move through the last few days. Take small steps and if you fall down, get right back up and try again.


27.  Reflect.  Ask yourself when was the last time you were truly you? Write down the answer in a journal and keep it with you, review it over the last few days of this month to check in with yourself and your vulnerability meter.


28.  Have Trust & Be Trustworthy.  Trust is a powerful and important word. In any relationship it's important to have trust. Check in with yourself and ask yourself do you have trust in others? In your partner? In your close friends? If not perhaps that is what is stopping you from being vulnerable with them. In addition be someone others can trust in.


29.  Review Your Progress.  Review the past 28 days and write how you have progressed so far. If you don't feel you've progressed much, write down why. Think back to specific moments when you tried some of the tips.


30.  Pick 3 Tips.  Choose 3 tips from this past month that you'd like to repeat or focus on during today.