Recap: May #30daysofchange - Curiosity

#30daysofchange Recap May

This past month we shared tips and insights on how to foster and build Curiosity.  Incase you missed it, we've shared our daily posts below. 


01. Create A Challenge.  Curiosity‚Ĩ begins by creating a challenge for yourself today.

02. Avoid Boredom.  To avoid boredome add some variety in your life. 

03. Don't Be Biased.  When we're biased we tend to close ourselves to new possibilities. Having an openmind helps to build curiosity in life.

04.  Scrap Your Routine.  There are times when routines are good to have but to develop more curiosity, scrap your routine. Add some variety and spice into your days.

05.  Explore The Unfamiliar.  Explore the unknown, the mysterious and seek to find answers around new areas or topics.

06.  Develop An Inclusive Mind.  To be curious we must be constantly studying new perspectives. Developing an inclusive mind will allow our mind to be free from our preconceived notions and prejudices.

07.  Pursue A New Interest.  If you've always wanted to pursue a new interest, now is the time. Trying something new will expand your mind and yourself.

08.  Be Amazed At Everyday Things.  Walk around today with amazement in everything you see, hear, touch or interact with.

09.  Make Something With Your Hands.  Get your hands dirty and make something. Play with playdoh, craft something together. Be curious with the tools or items you use. Have fun.

10.  Create An Idea Scrapbook.  A simple habit to get your curiosity going is to keep an idea scrapbook. Capture your questions, ideas and anything else you feel that could help you along the way.

11.  Become A Dectective.  Play the role of a detective today. A detective is curious by nature, always wanting to learn more about the world and people or things around them. Give it a go!

12. Expand Your Group Of Friends.  Growing your reach of friends, meet new people as this will help to spark curiosity.

13.  Try New Foods.  Try something new today, grow curious around food.

14.  Be Open To Surprises.  When we open ourselves to surprises we are able to foster curiosity.

15. Listen To A New Genre of Music.  A couple days ago we asked you to try new food. Today we suggest listening to a genre of music you've never liked or heard of before. Curiosity is about always learning something new.

16.  Let Go Of Expectations.  Let go of expectations, the positive and the negative.

17.  Spark Your Imagination.  Look for new bits of stimuli to spark your curiosity and imagination today.

18.  Ask Dumb Questions.  There is no such thing as a dumb question but many of us are afraid to ask questions that may come across as 'stupid' or 'dumb'. Today ask every dumb question that comes into your mind.

19.  Gamify Your Learning.  Curiosity is constantly learning but why not change the way you learn. Have a little bit of fun and gamify your learning.

20. Make Google Your Best Friend.  We live on the internet non-stop, but why not use Google to build curiosity. Google words or subjects / topics that you don't know anything about. Google words as images or illustrations. Make Google your best friend for today.

21.  Learn A New Language.  When we start learning a new language we become more aware on how words and sentences are put together in that language, enabling us to open our minds.

22. Watch Documentaries.  Research and watch some documentaries to get inspired and learn.

23. Ask Why And How Questions.  Curious people ask 'why' and 'how' to find out further information from the people they are speaking with.

24.  Keep Your Mind Active.  If we can keep our mind active with questions and openness, new ideas will come and we will see more possibilities.

25. Recognise Patterns.  When doing things today, try and recognise any patterns that stand out. If you can't find one, search out for patterns.

26.  Start A Blog.  With all the information your taking in or all the questions you're asking as you move through your day, perhaps you could start a blog to put all your learnings in one place. This will also allow you to keep exploring and maintain curiosity in everyday life.

27.  Stop Watching TV.  Switch off your TV for a week and be in the moment, explore other ways of keeping yourself occupied. You'll be surprised at how much more you take in.

28.  Check Out Quora.  Explore Quora, read through some new topics or questions. Even ask a few questions yourself.

29.  Limit Your Time On Social Media.  Spend less time on social media and more time with people.

30.  Pay Attention To Processes.  Pay attention to the mechanics of things, how things work, processes.

31.  Don't Forget About Your Curiosity.  As it's our last day for this month's theme Curiosity. It's important to not forget that curiosity is an emotion that we often supress or forget about. Move forward remembering that we all have curiosity within us and need to be mindful to pay attention and bring it out often.