Everyone talks about it but is it really possible or is it all an illusion? Are we searching for that unicorn that we all hope to find?

Work-life balance is a pretty popular topic but the thing is, there is no one formula for work-life balance.  There is no perfect balance and in fact balance is not a constant in life, it is not static. Change is the only constant in life.  

I like to say there’s a season and a reason behind everything that comes our way and because of that work and life will ebb and flow. We might set the boundaries, we might plan the perfect balanced week or month but then shit happens, life happens.  Not all weeks are equal and we need to be equipped to handle these changes.

A simple search of work-life balance into Google and we’ll find hundreds and thousands of articles talking about how to live a more balanced life.  As I said earlier, the thing is there’s not one way. What one person defines as a balanced work-life can be very different to another.

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Think about when has anything in your life ever been 50-50? Even in relationships things are never balanced, there are moments where one person will give more than the other, and vice versa.  The same goes with the concept of work-life balance. There will be times when we need to give more to one aspect of our life vs the others.


Constant re-adjustments are needed and paying close attention to how much we’re spending on the different parts of our life is important so that we can prevent ourselves from burning out.


What we need to focus on is redesigning life in a way that works for us to ensure that we can stay in a state of FLOW and therefore limit our risks of burnout.  


We must strive to design our lives in a manner that works for us and our definition of work-life balance.


We must create the boundaries.  Check-in regularly with where we are and where we’d like to be and look at ways to change the areas of our life we are not giving enough attention to or priority.  


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