Venturing Into Change

Come to Bali, they said

21 days and it will clear your head

But how, I wasn’t sure

So I lingered, hesitated, and then I jumped.


21 days in Bali and 

there were:

Habit Trackers

Daily goals

Weekly goals and



Uncomfortable sharing

about our values


hopes and our dreams


And it was intense (fucking intense).


21 days in Bali and

I looked inside myself

And saw parts of me hidden away for so long

And I cried.


21 days in Bali and

I pushed myself and I was pushed

I challenged myself and I was challenged 

And so I grew.


21 days in Bali and

there was bubblewrap,


and bubblewrap yoga.


21 days in Bali and

there was laughter

a peanut 

and a viral video sensation.


21 days in Bali and

I leave with people I now love

And the part of me that was dead inside,

now inspired and alive.


Written by a 2016 Change Venturer