Week Plan Worksheet

Struggling to get your week sorted? Our simple and straightforward worksheet can help you with that.  Use this worksheet to plan your week with a focus on your top three priorities a day.   Motivate, Inspire & Prioritize for your Mind, Body & Soul.

How we suggest you use it:

1. Find a quote for your intention for the week ahead

2. Choose your top three Weekly priorities for Work & Personal (it's ok if work & personal mix - that's even better!)

3. Now focus on your daily top priorities (we've kept them to three) and try to be clear about what you need to get done.  Do your daily priorities align with your weekly priorities?

4. In the Like To Do box, think about what one or two things you'd like to do if you could have some spare time or make room for.  This could be anything such as go for a bike ride with a friend, read a fiction book etc.  

5. The bottom left part of the worksheet where we've listed Yoga, Meditation and Writing - are for you to help you track your habits.  You can change this to suit your needs. 

6. Notes & Thoughts is a section that really allows you to make any comments, perhaps notice how you're feeling or any thing that may come up in the week as you go through your tasks. 

Download it here

Tips: Schedule your week on Sundays and slip this worksheet into your notebook.  


Have a suggestion for us to make it better? Let us know at hello@thechangeschool.com