What role do each of us play in building the future we want to see? How do we connect personal mastery and value creation to find our place and purpose in the world? How can we embrace change as the only constant, learn to navigate through it, and thrive? 

In 2017, we are re-launching our Summit to feature Humans Of Change - everyday people who are making change happen in ways large and small.

Our on-going Summit series has evolved over the years as a platform for storytelling, sharing insights and provoking thought around the importance of connecting change within ourselves, our communities and the global economy.

The online Summit will run in conjunction with our offline series of monthly Change Talks at The Change School GYM (Gym for Your Mind).



In 2015, we endeavoured to re-ignite the global conversation around the growing 'Third Culture' phenomenon. We invited Third Culture Kids (TCKs), Cross Culture Kids (CCKs) and subject experts to share their stories of adapting to change throughout their formative years and how the 'Third Culture' is challenging notions of 'identity' and 'belonging'. Watch our inaugural Summit Welcome videos below to learn more...

In 2016, we expanded our speaker pool to also include non-TCKs who are embracing change in their personal / professional lives - Expats, Global Citizens, Nomads and Change Makers - to celebrate diversity, emphasise shared values, and explore how we derive purpose by better connecting with ourselves, eachother and the world we want. Head over to our blog for a summary of the stories and insights shared in our Summit Talks.


Goals and Objectives:

  • Unpack the many dimensions of change that impact our daily Life / Work

  • Create a space for storytelling, reflection and community building based on shared values

  • Redefine Global Citizenship by embracing change, cultivating global mindsets and inspiring people to live their values

  • Uncover the tenets of Global Citizenship as a mindset that can be cultivated and nurtured

  • Celebrate the diversity of thought, experience and perspectives for cultural intelligence and collective action

Join our growing community of Humans Of Change and forge deeper connections to ourselves, our communities and the world.

Call For Speakers:

We invite YOU - Alumni, Change Amplifiers, Collaborators, Partners, Community members and Friends of The Change School to share more about pivotal moments in your lives when change has been a force for good.

Have a story to share? Tell us about it HERE - we'd love to hear from you!

Monthly Themes and Schedule 

every Thursday 8pm (GMT+8)

FEB :: Relationship Change - Matters of the Heart

MAR :: Career Change - De-risking Career Transition

APR :: Physiological Change - Self Care

MAY :: Values Change - Staying True To You

JUN :: Opportunity Change - The Roads of Should and Must

JUL :: Behavioural Change - Breaking Bad

AUG :: Existential Change - Transitiong Through Life Stages

SEP :: Cultural Change - Identity and Belonging 

OCT :: Lifestyle Change - Conscious Spending 

NOV :: Spiritual Change -  Being Present

DEC :: Social Change - Doing Good, Well 

‚ÄčInaugural Summit Welcome 

Hear from our Chief Nomad and Founders to see where our Summit evolved from!

What is a Third Culture Kid (TCK) or Cross Culture Kid (CCK)?

Third Culture Kid (TCK, 3CK) is a term used to refer to children who were raised in a culture outside of their parents’ culture for a significant part of their development years. A Cross-Cultural Kid (CCK) is a person who has lived – or meaningfully interacted with – two or more cultural environments for a significant period of time during developmental years. These definitions are not constrained to describing only children, but can also be used to describe adults who have grown up as TCKs or CCKs. Typically a citizen of the world, global nomad, international traveler and cultural explorer with an ability to integrate wherever you go.

What is Global Citizenship?

Hear from our Founders at TEDxAuckland in their talk on Stepping Up To Global Citizenship to find out! 

TCK Connect

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