We believe that, with the right tools, change can be a force for good
Embrace Change.     Navigate through Change.     Thrive in Change.

Our Story

The Change School is a lifelong learning institute, cultivating entrepreneurial grit, competencies and personal growth to help people realise their potential and move forward.

We create unique experiences designed to help students connect the dots and take action with confidence, clarity and emotional intelligence

Change Cycle

Our Change Cycle

We all hit pivotal moments in life. The Change School guides you to move forward.

Change is not always easy. Whether that change is embarking on a new career, launching a sabbatical, starting a family or losing a loved one - our holistic approach specifically addresses people at times of change and transformation.

Where are you now?

Answer 8 simple questions to discover which of our programs is best suited for you.

Change Counter

Our Change Counter quantifies the number of positive changes made by members of The Change School community, based on post-programme evaluations, check-ins and feedback. We monitor changes in thinking, attitude, habits, behaviours and feelings.

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Life Stages

Which of the following Life Stages are you currently in?

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Which of these Crossroads are you currently at?

Life Events

Which of the following Life Events are you currently going through or recently experienced?


Areas of Focus

What do you think you need more of in order to move forward?

Life Skills

Which of the following Life Skills do you want to develop?



How much time would you give yourself to work on the Areas of Focus and Life Skills you’ve selected?

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In the meantime, you can also discover and learn more about programs offered at our handpicked selection of Life Schools from across the globe!

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